Energypath Speaker Highlights


John W. Szerdi, Keynote Speaker

President of LDG Florida Architects, Mr. Szerdi has extensive experience integrating Living Machine technology and other natural energy and water systems in diverse environmental project applications.

Kenneth A. Schuyler, Thursday Morning Speaker

As Manager of Renewable Services in the Market Division for PJM Interconnection, Mr. Shuyler coordinates PJM initiatives to support integration of renewable energy sources into PJM operations.

Karl R. Rábago, Thursday Lunch Speaker

Mr. Rábago is Principal of Rábago Energy LLC, an energy consulting firm, and has over 20 years' experience in electricity policy and regulation, energy markets development and energy technology development.

R. Brent Alderfer, Friday Morning Speaker

CEO and co-founder of Community Energy, Inc, Mr. Alderfer directed CEI to develop a high-profile 7.5 megawatt Jersey-Atlantic Wind Farm in Atlantic City, NJ in 2005 and the largest solar project in Pennsylvania, the Keystone Project at 6 megawatts.

What is Energypath?

Energypath is the region's largest sustainable energy event attracting industry professionals, policymakers and academia throughout the region and across the United States. The goal of Energypath is to increase the knowledge of and passion for sustainable energy in the leaders of today and tomorrow. 

Energypath 2014: Convergence

This year's conference will focus on how the interaction between energy producing, conversion, and management technologies is changing the energy industry and can provide safe, affordable, reliable and sustainable energy.

The week-long event will be held at prestigious Albright College in Reading, PA.

Energy Camps  June 16, 17, & 18
Conference and Expo      June 19 & 20
Science Fair June 20

The Energypath event is comprised of a conference and exposition on Thursday June 19 and 20 with the Keynote Dinner on the evening of June 19. In depth hands-on energy camps precede the conference on June 16, 17 and 18. Science Fairs for middle school and high school students are held the morning of June 20.